dinsdag 30 juni 2009

FOUND: He knows where summer goes

Ryan McGinley you understand how to nail summer... I guess it's only possible if you don't nail it but catch its perishableness.

NEWS: With Room Eleven in Montreal & Toronto

With Room Eleven I play on the 1st of july on Toronto Jazz festival and on the 3rd on the world famous Montreal Jazz festival!! I'm so excited to play here again (4th time already)! This is my favourite country in the world, cause people are friendly and open, they have a lot of space and that's how they think (spacious) and they're really into jazz music... and most importantly, people listen when a band's playing.
Love to generalise; Canadians, Japanese, Germans, Belgians... are the better listeners. Although I'm not sure about the Hell's Angels in these countries.

NEWS: De zomer draait door

Monday me and Leine sang for Phase Five at a TV programme DZDD.
Here's my song:

dinsdag 23 juni 2009

NEWS: New drawing

I made this one today

NEWS: Janne in Chicago

For the Dutch magazine Living I was asked to go to Chicago for 4 days. 
Afterwards I made a drawing and a little poem. It will be published with an interview by the 9th of July.

DIARY: Vrijdag 26 juni! Phase Five in Bimhuis!

It was a hot hot hot day.... and during the concert the sky cried... Phase Five in the Bimhuis on 26th of june.

woensdag 17 juni 2009

FOUND: Amalia Chimera

I can't help it, I love little picture dreamworlds.
Check out this one by Amalia Chimera.

DIARY: Donavon Frankenreiter

Old news, but still I'm so proud of this. In december 2008 Donavon Frankenreiter asked me to join him in his sold out show in De Melkweg. I can't describe what went through me when he asked me to sing a solo in this song... but I was shaking when I walked off stage.

DIARY: Oerol with Kyteman

Collin mr. Kyteman was jamming with more than 10 people (rappers and other musicians) at Westerkeyn stage and asked: who wants to join us?
I thought... well... I don't know... but when they started their last song I thought: Of course you want this, idiot!!
So I did! What an amazing band to jam with.
Next to me on this picture my friend: Omar Soulay!

DIARY: Oerol with Paulien & Stef

The other show I did, 'Een Hoorspel om te zien' with Paulien Cornelisse and Stef van Es was so much fun, we might do it again somewhere else.
Here you can see a short flashback and even a little preview of a new song I wrote for the new album.

* Safe Travels - Peter and the Wolf
* All The Morning Birds - Jolie Holland
* Storm - Janne Schra (muwhawhaa)
* These boots are made for walkin' - Nancy Sinatra and many others
* Don't Fence me in - Harry Conninck jr. and many others

DIARY: Oerol with Room Eleven

I took this picture before our show on 'Groene Strand' during the soundcheck. 
Biceps-man is waving at me!
More pictures by Kok Brent and I made a short movie during the show!

DIARY: Nick Helderman

This was the end of a rainy day on a beach festival in Wijk aan Zee. 
Nick Helderman took this picture of Lucas and me when we were sitting on the back of a pick-up truck. We had to perform with Room Eleven and afterwards we saw De Staat, great band.

woensdag 10 juni 2009

FOUND: A la lisa

Als je een keer wil eten zo lekker als in een restaurant, zo knus als thuis en toch buiten de deur.
Dan ken dat in het huiskamerrestaurantje van mijn vriendinnetje a la Lisa!




Mijn foto
Do you have a camera? Film yourself and say HELLO Schradinova I am .... from .... So if you are Johan from Sweden, it would be: Hej hej "Sjrådineuva" jag år Johan fran Sverige) Put it on youtube, and I'll embed it. The first ten people will get my cd when it's finished... oops I mean the first ten different countries.. ;-))