maandag 6 juli 2009

DIARY: I love the Montreal Jazz festival!!!

Two years ago we played on the same square as this year, but now we played on the biggest stage of the two stages. It was amazing then, so I was a little nervous about screwing up the good memories I had... Bigger stage, higher expectations, more people, bigger everything... it couldn't be as magical as last time.

But the 1st show at 8pm was so cool! Heavy rain fall and still the square was filled with people (with umbrellas), unbelievable! People can give me energy and can make me feel at home on stage so I can feel free to do what I want ... It was definitely the case here, so I decided to do an umbrella dance!

2nd show that night, no rain but even better!

Do I need to say more??




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Do you have a camera? Film yourself and say HELLO Schradinova I am .... from .... So if you are Johan from Sweden, it would be: Hej hej "Sjrådineuva" jag år Johan fran Sverige) Put it on youtube, and I'll embed it. The first ten people will get my cd when it's finished... oops I mean the first ten different countries.. ;-))