zondag 5 juli 2009

FOUND: When I'm older

This is where I'll be when I'm older. Painting and writing songs...  giving parties the whole summer with a barbeque and old bathtubs in the garden and a little stage for a band! Drinking vodka around the bonfire... talking about eh.. things you talk about when you're in this situation... In reality I'm still looking for a house.  Thanks ? for the pictures.




Mijn foto
Do you have a camera? Film yourself and say HELLO Schradinova I am .... from .... So if you are Johan from Sweden, it would be: Hej hej "Sjrådineuva" jag år Johan fran Sverige) Put it on youtube, and I'll embed it. The first ten people will get my cd when it's finished... oops I mean the first ten different countries.. ;-))