vrijdag 23 oktober 2009

DIARY: Sallie Harmsen

It's 2005 I'm in the final year of Filmschool, I've written a screenplay for a short movie called 'Samson' and I'm looking for an actress.

I remember seeing a cute movie on tv called 'Snacken' (by David Lammers) with Sallie Harmsen in it and I thought that's the one! But I didn't know how to contact her.

The next day I see her in the supermarket!!! Of course I ask immediately if she want to act in my movie and she did.

She's now one of the upcoming actresses and I believe she will make it big time!

Also be aware of the other actor: Roemer Prins (in the movie he's 7) he's the one I wrote the script for, a natural talent!!

You can watch the film here.




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