donderdag 10 september 2009

NEWS: South Africa in a nutshell

Ofcourse you can't fit South Africa in a nutshell! And this trip has been too short to see
enough of this wonderful country, but I'll give you some highlights!

* The Workshop I did with the band at the Moses Mololekwa Arts foundation in the Township Tembisa, Johannesburg.
The children were all so talented, especially 16 year old sax player Siabonga. He learned how to play from a book from the library and by listening to jazz musicians. He's absolutely amazing!

* Performing at the "Joy of Jazz festival" in Johannesburg with Siabonga as our special guest.

* Performing at the Voorkamerfest in Darling in the livingroom of June and Francois on their beautiful farm with the million animals including a baby pig called Edward.
On the video (above) you see him walking through the living room.

* Performing in the township in Darling with a.o. Leine, Oleg Fateev and Fay Lovski!

* The Wildlife, the Food, the people and of course de Tafelberg in Cape Town!




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