woensdag 8 juli 2009

NEWS: Sunday 12th Singing on North Sea Jazz

Sunday 12th of july I'll sing two songs with 'Phase Five' on the great North Sea Jazz festival!
Phase Five is a big group of musicians and songwriters working together occasionally.
Sarah Bettens, Lilian Vieira, Leine, David Pino and myself will sing songs based on material from the albums of Yuri Honing
Produced by Floris Klinkert.
In the band are: Tony Roe (keys), Marc Haanstra (bass), Stef van Es (guitars) Yuri Honing (sax) and Satindra Kalpoe (drums).
Be there, cause we won't play that much!




Mijn foto
Do you have a camera? Film yourself and say HELLO Schradinova I am .... from .... So if you are Johan from Sweden, it would be: Hej hej "Sjrådineuva" jag år Johan fran Sverige) Put it on youtube, and I'll embed it. The first ten people will get my cd when it's finished... oops I mean the first ten different countries.. ;-))