woensdag 17 juni 2009

DIARY: Oerol with Kyteman

Collin mr. Kyteman was jamming with more than 10 people (rappers and other musicians) at Westerkeyn stage and asked: who wants to join us?
I thought... well... I don't know... but when they started their last song I thought: Of course you want this, idiot!!
So I did! What an amazing band to jam with.
Next to me on this picture my friend: Omar Soulay!




Mijn foto
Do you have a camera? Film yourself and say HELLO Schradinova I am .... from .... So if you are Johan from Sweden, it would be: Hej hej "Sjrådineuva" jag år Johan fran Sverige) Put it on youtube, and I'll embed it. The first ten people will get my cd when it's finished... oops I mean the first ten different countries.. ;-))